Road Safety Statistics

Although the overall trend in road deaths in 2012 is down, the number of cyclist deaths rose by 10% highlighting the need to improve safety for vulnerable road users. Preliminary figures for 2012 show that 1,754 people were killed on public roads in 2012.  A further 23,039 were seriously injured. For each of these 24,793 people, there would have been life-changing consequences for them, their families and friends.

2012 Statistics (Dept. of Transport – Reported Casualties in Great Britain June 2013)

  • 1,754 people killed (equivalent of almost 5 each day)
  • 23,039 people seriously injured
  • 118 cyclists killed
  • 3,222 cyclists seriously injured
  • 420 pedestrians killed
  • 5,559 pedestrians seriously injured
  • 328 motorcyclists killed

It is worth bearing in mind that the above figures are only those reported.  You would think that all road deaths would automatically be reported and recorded, but whilst researching for this website we discovered that the death of Mike Ellis under the wheels of a lorry was not included because it occurred on what was considered to be a ‘private’ road in an industrial estate.  There will be others not included in these statistics as many occur ‘off the public road’ in places such as building sites and on company premises.

Whilst deaths and serious injuries caused by reversing vehicles account for only around 1% of all road crashes on public roads, there have been more than 333 reported incidents since 2008. However nearly a quarter of all deaths involving vehicles at work (HSE figures show) occur during reversing and these are not included in the road statistic figures. Unfortunately, it is a fact that because these numbers are not higher, that there is less inclination to tackle the problem of the blind spot behind vehicles. Such decisions are based purely on financial calculations and therefore it seems that those who make such decisions are required to wait until there are more deaths and serious injuries before taking action which is clearly not acceptable