Coroner pledges to write report to DfT after inquest into death by reversing van

Coroner Mr James Newman has pledged to write a report for the prevention of future deaths to the Department for Transport, following the inquest of former teacher Richard Turner.  Mr Turner was killed by a reversing van on November 13th 2013 when a van driver failed to see him before reversing and knocking him to the ground.  The driver stated there was “clearly a blind spot” in his van and acknowledged that in-vehicle cameras would have enabled him to see Mr Turner.

Richard Turner. Picture submitted.

Summing up, coroner James Newman said: “There are reversing aids which could have been employed here making both men aware of each other. This is a nationwide issue – I’m not here to criticise a single company – so I will write a report on the prevention of future deaths for the Secretary of State for Transport highlighting the implications of vehicles with no rear visibility and the use of reversing aids”.

RearView would like to thank and praise Coroner Mr James Newman for the research he undertook prior to this inquest which has resulted in him seeing the bigger picture surrounding the fact that deaths by reversing vehicles are avoidable and for taking the whole issue further by submitting a report to the Department of Transport.

Yodel, the delivery company involved in this particular incident said it has ‘made reversing aids a mandatory requirement for all new fleet and third party vehicles’ .  In addition they say they have developed a vulnerable road users programme for their drivers, which includes training on hazard awareness.

RearView will be keeping a watch on Yodel, to ensure that it keeps its word on this pledge and urges other delivery companies and van drivers to take action before another life is lost in such a tragic and totally avoidable collision.

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Pensioner killed by reversing van

A driver has admitted reversing over an OAP in his van, dragging her along a road and causing her death.

Sheriff Charles Macnair QC deferred sentence for social work background reports. He released Mackie on bail and banned him from driving ahead of a sentencing hearing in April.

He said: “The Highway Code says anyone driving a vehicle like this without rear view mirrors should have someone behind them keeping a lookout.

“It seems to me this was a deliberate act of reversing in breach of the Highway Code.

“It is incumbent on the driver to make sure there is somebody there.”

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Lorry crash baby in miracle escape

Read this terrifying account of how close a young baby was to being killed when a lorry driver reversed without seeing what was behind/alongside him – let’s not wait until a child is killed before action is taken to address these blind spots!


Mike Ellis Memorial Run

The annual Mike Ellis Memorial Run is due to take place on Saturday 27th September 2014.  This organised ride-out around the Cotswolds and surrounding area has become a regular event to support the Mike Ellis Memorial Fund which raises money to provide defibrillators and training for rural communities.

This year’s event will also include a BBQ and a side-car challenge with some awesome ‘biker’ prizes. Full details will follow in the next few days, but in the meantime, please put the date in your diary


News reports of deaths caused by reversing lorries

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