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Increasing awareness of the dangers of reversing vehicles, especially for HGV’s and LGV’s, is the most important aspect of our campaign, as this can be done now.  RearView has produced an informative A5 leaflet to help raise driver awareness which it will be distributing to van and lorry drivers. RearView also plans to engage with vehicle operators, fleet managers and others involved to highlight the dangers and potential consequences, asking drivers to stop and think before they reverse and consider voluntarily fitting additional safety equipment.

If you think you can help or would like some leaflets to distribute, please email

Through our e-petition we hope to gather as many signatures as we can in order that we can exert pressure on the Government to speed up the process of introducing legislation which will make the installation of rear view cameras or sensors mandatory, helping to remove the blind spot behind all commercial vehicles, particularly HGV’s and LGV’s.  Rather than waiting for more deaths and serious injuries, RearView wants to see action taken now.  After all, it’s not as though the technology does not exist.  Please take a few moments to sign our petition and pass it on to as many people as possible – the more signatures we can get the greater the chance of making things happen!

Car stickers

RearView have 2,000 car stickers to give away.  Help us raise awareness, direct people to the    e-petition and show your support by displaying a RearView car sticker in your rear window.  To receive a free car sticker, please email your address to: (your address will not be used for any other purpose)

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